Why PURE SNOW? And more about us

We have spent over 12 months developing and sourcing the highest quality Snow Mushroom on the market.

PURE SNOW is certified USDA organic and EU organic; it has EcoCert organic certification and is currently undergoing certification to be granted organic status in Australia. It contains zero additives or flavours, and is free from gluten, dairy and wheat.

PURE SNOW is vegan and organic, and is produced sustainably in accordance with environmental practices in order to support the health of the planet.

PURE SNOW also undergoes rigorous third-party lab tests to ensure its purity and quality. It boasts the finest mesh powder formulation, making it easily absorbed and bioavailable when taken in smoothies, tea or coffee, or incorporated into your favourite recipe.

Snow Mushroom has a naturally neutral flavor, making it the perfect addition to your favourite treats and baking recipes.

PURE SNOW is fast acting and many have reported seeing visible changes in their skin within two weeks when taken daily (minimum 2 grams or half a teaspoon per day).