Our mission

PURE SNOW – an adaptogenic beauty food


PURE SNOW is a beauty food that supports the health and radiance of your skin.


Whether you are experiencing hyperpigmentation in summer or moisture loss during dry winters, the adaptogenic properties of PURE SNOW support your skins health through all four seasons.


PURE SNOW offers beautiful, hydrated skin at any age. Our plant-based supplement has been revered as a beauty superfood for millennia and now its benefits have been validated scientifically.


Dedicated to wellbeing


Dedicated to purity, efficacy and sustainability, PURE SNOW is certified organic, gluten-free, vegan and has no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours of any kind. Our product is 100% pure Snow Mushroom.


We sourced PURE SNOW with the intention of ensuring it was produced in a sustainable way in accordance with environmental practices in order to support the health of the planet.


Organic, natural, ethical


PURE SNOW is an organic product with USDA, EU and EcoCert certification. It is currently undergoing certification for organic status in Australia.


PURE SNOW contains zero additives or flavours and is free of gluten, dairy and wheat. It does not contain any animal products or synthetic ingredients.


We designed our packaging with these same ethics in mind. Our Miron glass jars not only protect the essence of our carefully sourced Snow Mushroom, but they also can be upcycled or recycled.


Purity and bioavailability


PURE SNOW undergoes rigorous third-party lab tests to ensure its purity and quality. It also boasts the finest mesh powder formulation, making it more easily absorbed and bioavailable when added to smoothies, tea or coffee, or incorporated into your favourite recipe.


PURE SNOW has a naturally neutral flavour, making it the perfect addition to both food and drinks. You can add it to baking recipes or, if you prefer, blend it into smoothies or stir into your morning tea or coffee.


PURE SNOW is fast acting; many people have reported seeing visible changes in their skin within two weeks when taking PURE SNOW daily (minimum 2 grams or half a teaspoon a day).


About us


We are a collective of herbalists, veganistas, artists and passionate skincare enthusiasts. We have spent over 12 months sourcing and developing the highest quality Snow Mushroom supplement on the market.


We live across the east coast of Australia, from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast down to the Northern Beaches of Sydney and across to the vibrant inner-city suburbs of Sydney.


We are united by our mission to offer a product that isn’t born from animal or synthetic ingredients. Rather, we offer a skin and beauty supplement based on purity, whose essence is sourced directly from nature.


As believers in plant-based skin care, we also wanted to simplify our skin supplements into something that had no sharp flavours, was easy to incorporate into our diets, and most importantly was cruelty free with no nasties or synthetic ingredients.


We hope you enjoy timeless, radiant skin as much as we do!





















Founder, Business Development & Creative Lead: Veronica Sywak

Creative Direction: Tiana Babic

Moving images and styling: Matisse Langbein @ZestyMediaTV

Photography: Florencia Schvimer TanikStudio.com 


Special thanks to dancer Jessica Taylor for representing the natural, ethereal beauty of PURE SNOW.