Snow Mushroom – an elite beauty food

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Snow Mushroom (Tremella fuciformis) is an ethereal and mystical mushroom, steeped in legend and folklore. Its soft, cloud-like fronds contain specific key nutrients and antioxidants that act directly on the texture and tone of the skin. 

This beautiful mushroom is still consumed today as a dessert tonic in many cuisines across Japan, Korea and China. Its soft, neutral flavour allows it to be paired with a variety of other ingredients. 

According to the Amazonian Journal of Plant Research, a study conducted in 2020 validated that Snow Mushroom has six key features that beautify skin.

These include :

  1. Nourished skin
  2. Natural moisturising properties
  3. Improved skin elasticity
  4. Slowed skin ageing
  5. Brightened complexion 
  6. Deep hydration.

In ancient times, Snow Mushroom was so rare and precious that it was reserved for royalty.

Today, Snow Mushroom grows wild in subtropical climates, and has been identified in the lush rainforests inland from Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour.

It has also been found in the subtropical rainforests of Hawaii, Brazil, China, Japan and Indonesia. 

Modern organic farming techniques allow Snow Mushroom to be cultivated in semi-wild conditions, allowing this beauty superfood to be available to consumers who seek this elite cosmetic nutrition product for themselves. 

According to the study, Snow Mushroom has additional qualities beyond anti-ageing. Snow Mushroom has been found to:

  • improve memory
  • lower cholesterol
  • protect the liver 
  • prevent osteoporosis.



Snow Mushroom is a beautiful cloud-like botanical with anti-ageing benefits.


Source: Shahrajabian, M.H., Sun, W., Shen, H. & Cheng, Q. (2020). Chemical compounds and health benefits of Tremella, a valued mushroom as both cuisine and medicine in ancient China and modern era. Amazonian Journal of Plant Research, 4(3), 692–697.

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